Pump Up The Volume

I just spent way too much money that I don't have so I can do things like this:

And what better song to start with than "The Scenario," [right click to download] the bootleg-only Beastie Boys song briefly featured in the bedroom-based pirate radio station movie Pump Up the Volume:

The 2007 Feltron Annual Report

I've seen this done lots of times before but never this well. This designer has beautifully cataloged his every action over the course of a year and turned it into a beautifully designed booklet. Looking through it I wished I could have a similar report summarizing my life without having to record my every beverage, conversation, purchase, meal, and turn around the corner.

You can see the whole thing here or order one of the few remaining copies here. He's also done them for 2005 & 2006.


See? Everybody loves dancing! I'm dreading slash hoping that I'll look and move like Stephen in 18 years...