An Ordinary Morning

Saw this this morning on my way to work:
I just read how Cary Grant was once married to Woolworth's heiress Barbara Hutton who had a $28 million dollar trust fund ($379,712,621 in today's dollars). The two were known as Cash and Cary.

Dorothy Parker — Enough Rope

An illustration by Jules Guerin for the book Egypt and its Monuments (1908). Via here.

Philly Museum of Art Highlights 4/8/12

Zoe Strauss
Half House, Camden, NJ, 2008

Zoe Strauss
Lights in Chinatown, Philadelphia, 2005

Zoe Strauss
Mom Were Ok, Biloxi, MS, 2005
Lee Friedlander
New Orleans

Cy Twombly
Shades of Eternal Night