Snake Feet and Dick

I came across these two pavement drawings miles apart from each other in New York. I wish more people would do this:

I will continue to post street art photos as I find them. In the meantime please check out the
Wooster Collective website for more great work.

These are also good:

Ernest Pignon-Ernest's Naples Series,


and Karolina Sobecka:

How to be Free

"Work is the curse of the drinking classes." —Oscar Wilde
I was just reading about a new book called The Freedom Manifesto (originally published in the UK as How to be Free) by Tom Hodgkinson, creator of the magazine The Idler. I found an enticing excerpt of it on the USA Today (aka TV on paper) website of all places! How is that even possible? I'm going to go buy and devour the book as soon as I get out of work (which as I write I realize is exactly the kind of behaviour he's warning against, oh dear...)

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