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Having only recently discovered 4 Brothers Beats, the bulk of my new music has been from them. These are just a few albums of literally hundreds that you can get off their site. Amazing:

[UPDATE 2007.12.5: This site has been made invitation only which pains me to hear but better a few people get to see it rather than be taken down altogether (RIP Oink & TVLinks). You can still follow my download links but that's all.]

Hailing from Guyana and Jamaica, London-based Cymande
developed a subtle and complex , deep funk style influenced by calypso rhythms, jazz, African music, American soul and UK rock of the time.


Ex-wife of Stevie Wonder, they divorced to become friends with Wonder writing and producing her next two albums during his golden age.


This album has my favorite song (this week) by Syreeta, I Love Every Little Thing About You, later performed by Stevie himself (rather than just murmuring in the background) on his Music of My Mind album.


This movie is nuts, the opening scene is one of the most shocking scenes I've ever seen in cinema. Director/star Melvin Van Peebles worked with a nascent Earth Wind and Fire to create this funky soundtrack, cutting and fucking up songs and dialogue to create an almost psychedelic audio collage.


The first time I heard Syl was in a record store. "Is this Al Green?" I naively asked? "It's Syl Johnson," I was refuted. Next song comes on, "OK, but this is Al Green, right?" I asked again. Wrong. I heard that he used the same studio musicians as Al Green, literally walking in after the Reverend had left to record. I'm too lazy to find out if this is true.


See also: Muddy Waters' Electric Mud


Who doesn't love Bill Withers? Even my brother does! His first album with some of my favorite hits.


OK, I don't want to do the hard sell but a funky-ass soundtrack to a 1974 film set in New York City about a hijacked 6 train starring Walter Matthau and name-checked by the Beastie Boys? What does it take? I guess you'll just have to watch the trailer below...

And as long as we're on the subject of subway cars in New York back in the day:


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I am very, very happy about this.

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