Roller Disco Boogie

First off, I was hoping to post a mixtape every month on this thing but I've already fallen behind. That being said, I don't particularly care (all part of my new effort to dismantle my New England guilt complex) and somehow figure you don't either.

I was inspired to make this mix after my friend Caitlin told me about her being a passionate roller disco devotee back in 1992. I asked for her help in making this mix but she couldn't get it together in time/was too overwhelmed to suggest her favorite songs (Egyptian Lover - Egypt Egypt, Debbie Deb - When I Hear Music & Shannon - Let the Music Play to name a few). This mix is dedicated to that awkward 10-year-old in the orange leotard and classic quad-skates I wish I had been friends with back in the day despite the 3000 miles separating us.

Despite the recent closure of many of New York's roller rinks you can still go to Central Park (in the warmer months) and skate with the Central Park Dance Skaters Association who I wandered upon one weekend and was captivated by what can only be described as joy on rollerskates, a mix of disco-era holdouts and more recent yet just as zealous converts.

Two P.S.'s: First, I'm really excited about Timbaland's new song, a club hit about liking someone regardless of how little money they have (!?!) and second
, all apologies for not including your song if you suggested I add it, sometimes a mixtape takes you places you didn't expect. As a perfect example (and I realize this defies logic) but for whatever reason Zapp & Roger didn't make it onto this mix, what the fuck?

Kool & the Gang - Spirit of the Boogie
Vernon Burch - Get Up
De La Soul - A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays
Mighty Ryeders - Evil Vibrations
Jamiroquai - Feel So Good
Timbaland - The Way I Are
Chromeo - Fancy Footwork
Calvin Harris - The Girls
Kano - I'm Ready
The Bee Gees - You Should Be Dancing
Jamiroquai - Canned Heat
Justice - D.A.N.C.E.
PJ - Happy Days (Beatstreet Remix)
Madonna - Holiday
The Jacksons - Blame it On the Boogie
Rick James - Give it to me Baby
The Bar-Kays - Freakshow on the Dancefloor
Prince - Uptown
Ohio Players - Love Rollercoaster
The Emotions - You've Got the Best of My Love
Earth Wind & Fire - September

Kelis - Roller Rink

Roller Disco Boogie Mixtape [right-click to download]

P.P.S. For all the haters (presumably in the United States) who immediately dismiss Jamiroquai as a one hit wonder, you obviously A.) Have never been out of the country, B.) Don't know know enough music history (i.e. Stevie Wonder and good disco) to understand what they're attempting to replicate and C.) Don't enjoy dancing.

P.P.P.S. I just discovered a Mac widget that allows you to click along to any song playing in iTunes to determine its BPM and automatically add it to the track's info in iTunes. If you don't immediately know what this is useful for, forget it, otherwise you can download it for free here.

Oh, and one more Freaks & Geeks clip (why is it so relevant to everything I'm in to?):


Liam said...

Please let me know if this mix isn't downloading or playing. My internet connection is kind of shaky these days and I'm having trouble testing it.

Alex said...

right after that picture was taken, that poor kid crashed and burned. you wanna know why? COS HE COULDN'T TAKE HIS PEEPERS OFF THOSE BOOBIES! C'MON, LAD!