Teacups, Ping Pong & the Matrix

So I found this photo (click it to see it larger) by the Japanese artist Nagi Noda and really appreciated its wit and clever simplicity. Later I came across this video—also Japanese (coincidence?)—and felt the same:

It reminded me of Michel Gondry who, despite his many critics (including myself), at the end of the day makes me very happy to see him act upon his every child-like whimsical notion, and can we even begin to contemplate the multiple meanings of him making a "Sweded" remake of the trailer of his own movie? (Please also note his wearing black gloves to signify him being Mos Def):

Oh, and as long as I'm on the subject of weird Japanese kids, floating, The Matrix, whimsy and general coolness, here's one of my favorite animated shorts (From the Matrix spin-off Animatrix):