"Uncontacted" Amazonian Tribe

Somehow I'm the last person to hear about
this. A previously uncontacted tribe sighted along the Brazilian-Peruvian border in the most remote part of the Amazon. A plane sighted them and by the time it returned to take pictures they had painted themselves red and were shooting (or at least threatening to) at the plane as it passed.

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Oh, and besides the loggers who are just straight out shooting them, the other major threat to them are missionaries who go trying to "save" them and end up exposing them to diseases that wipe out half their population in less than two years. Argh!


Alex said...

Anthropologists are pretty sure that this tribe has had contact with the outside world, but are located in a protected area to keep contact (and diseases and stupid western religion) to a minimum.

However, the rest of the info is correct and Brazil (and I guess Peru, where some tribes live) are trying to stop the damage by loggers and whatnot. Similar stuff is happening in Papua New Guinea, where there are still uncontacted tribes in the mountain areas.

Ashe said...

This just in: http://buzz.yahoo.com/buzzlog/91536

Liam said...

Shit, why do I even bother posting stuff at all..