Friends Forever

So I made this children's book in college for a printmaking class. My professor thought it was "deeply upsetting" and that "[she] would never read it to my child." Meanwhile my mum keeps telling me to publish it. I'm too lazy to pull out the plates and reprint it so here it is in an e-version:

Once upon a time, Patrick moved into a new old house with his mum and dad. He liked it at once.

There were no other houses for miles around. At night it was so quiet he could hear the moonlight.

But Patrick was all alone,
everyday he wished for a friend.

One day his wish came true when
Madeline appeared at his door.

They became best friends immediately.

They liked to play with the animals,

explore all the hidden places in the house,

play hide and go seek,

and take lots of naps.

One morning, Patrick woke up and
couldn’t find Madeline anywhere.

He looked by the pond,

in the basement,

and all over the kitchen.

He finally found her on the roof...

Inside, he tried to talk to his mum
but she always ignored him.

So when Patrick’s parents moved away,
he and Madeline decided to stay,

happily ever after.