Max Pam - Indian Ocean Journals

Photograph by Peter Beard

There are so many beautiful art books out there that you and I will never be able to afford and even if one could afford them, how often would you really look at them? On top of that, the art world makes sure that images of artwork don't make it onto the web (or at least not anywhere I can find). The fact that you can't look at the complete works of an artist over 100 years old in this day and age is ludicrous. Maybe I'll start posting images I've found that I love but would never remember to look at again. While looking for images of Peter Beard's artwork I stumbled upon someone's blog who photographs spreads of their favorite art books so that more than just the dozen people who can afford them can see them. Here's a series of spreads from Max Pam's work Indian Ocean Journals:

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Pearl said...

You were right, as usual.