I am so fried...

I've slept 4 hours a night for the past two nights and I am totally fried. I also seem to be noticing weird things. Last night I was walking through Washington Square Park late at night and there was a guy sitting straight up and motionless on a bench with a black plastic bag wrapped completely over and around his head. Then tonight as I was walking home I watched a little kid maybe 4 years old pop out of an empty Village Voice box like it was his little house. To top it off, yesterday on my morning walk to work I saw this (that I must have walked by 200 times without noticing):

[Victor the cleaner makes his appearance at the 5:38 mark]

1 comment:

Alex said...

nothing happens at the 5:38 mark.

also, what movie is this, should i know it? i don't know anything.