My New Favorite Things of the Past 2 Weeks

Joe Cocker - Space Captain

Grant Phabao & Djouls - Are Molesting Laura Vol.9 mixtape of all brass band covers (especially the Hot 8 Brass Band's version of Sexual Healing)

Scientists discover the fossil remains of what could be the largest snake to ever exist. A relative of today’s boa constrictor, it was at least 12.8 meters long and weighed more than a ton. Another scientist has found what he believes to be the world's smallest snake.

Crazy pictures of the sun and the Smithsonian's top NASA photos of all time.

The awesomely unauthorized video of Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot.

My new pop-up book that I discovered through BoingBoing (and is only $14 on Amazon!):

The Wunderkammer exhibit that is up at MoMA right now (and is closing on November 10th).

John Hodgman describing his encounters with aliens:

The Chris Ware cartoon that the New Yorker wouldn't publish because it broke with their formatting:

And this, my new favorite song that I can't believe I've never heard before:

Ray Charles - Let's Go Get Stoned
[right-click to download]

1 comment:

patrick hilton said...

a. Kudos for being as interested in science as you are in funky pop-up books.... maybe you could pop-upize the NASA pictures, with little solar flares that come out to get you and stuff

2. My girlfriend is cooler than you because she started slinging along to Ray Charles as soon as I started playing it, and said "He's never heard this song?"

III. Your mom

d. (ah, wait...)