Gordon Matta-Clark's Splitting Papercraft

I love Gordon Matta-Clark's artwork Splitting so much that I made a paper sculpture of it. Here is what it looks like finished:

You can download the instructions (that include the model itself) here and download a higher quality version of the model here. It only takes about 20 minutes to make!

If you don't know about the piece you can watch the first ten minutes of this video to see how it was done:

Not only was the project itself rad but the collages he produced documenting it were beautiful.


AA Bronson said...


Neil Egan said...

that came out great Liam. very thorough!

Melissa said...

i love you liam.

(Tryfwys) said...

i don't get it. but we watched it. it looks like a job i worked on where we raised the basement up a couple of feet.

(Tryfwys) said...

also, no good art is made in new york, (he cut that house in new jersey, stupid houses, who needs those?) not that i know anything, i'm just a country bumpkin, living in a town of 9,000 (poor me)(also a little tipsy on dandelion mead and cider)

Amy said...

First of all, this is awesome! And I forwarded your project to a few of my co-workers at the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts. By this afternoon, we should all have these on our desks.

Urban Alchemy/Gordon Matta-Clark opens this Friday, October 30, at the Pulitzer. Check out our web catalog at http://mattaclark.pulitzerarts.org/ for information on the exhibition and videos of contributors, such as Jane Crawford.

Visit http://mattaclark.pulitzerarts.org/transformation/ for outreach programs inspired by Matta-Clark's work.

Thanks again for sharing your creativity!

mag said...

davvero bellissimo. grazie!
(really amazing. thanks!)

arianna said...

i want it!

JC said...

I just leave you a comment about your "graphic design notebook" blog.

I also love Gordon Matta-Clark. I'll try your model and I'll tell you about the result.



ximena said...

i can´t download the model
it is not available anymore :(
can you share it again? pleaaaaaaase!