Yesterday I was stumbling around the California Academy of Sciences (San Francisco's Natural History Museum) and kind of scoffing at their dioramas since New York's are so legendary. (Side note: The Academy's were really nice, I was just being a dick). Then my mum pointed out the elephants in the mural behind the Zebras:

That is fantastic.

I also learned about the Pistol Shrimp and Goby's mutualist relationship, saw a Giraffe-Necked Weevil, and was terrified by a live albino alligator!


Jeremy said...

Holy crap! Those elephants are amazing. Were they projections? Were there other elements of the diorama in motion? How come you can be on the other side of the fucking country and I have no idea? Since your way over there, tell your brother I say hello.

Liam said...

It was a projection and I think it was the only one. I didn't see any others. It was really tastefully done. It reminded me of how European filmmakers hate American's over reliance on special effects, favoring instead the small, subtle use of them (for example Amelie).

Oh, and Paddy graduated!

Anonymous said...

dear leeyum: i don't recall any of that museum noise. my imagination just kicked into overdrive as i quietly watched those wonderful creatures lumber silently across the plain.
xxoo mUm