The Hidden Fortress & The Lake of Skeletons

A random photo straight out of Hellboy (See below) or At the Mountains of Madness (see previously here and here). I wish I knew where this was, the pattern on the wall is completely unfamiliar to me. What appears to be a cave at its base is almost awesome overkill and the apparent glacial scrape across its base makes it seem older than civilization. Jesus...

[Click image to enlarge]

Which reminds me, here is a great interview with Mike Mignola about architecture and setting in comics on BLDGBLOG.
Mignola: You know, I’m constantly looking for visual references. Story-wise, I’ve got all that stuff in my library—but I can never have enough photo references. There are still stories that are waiting to be told until I have the right references; and there are certain stories that I decided to set in a location just as an excuse for me to draw a particular place or building.
PS Here's one more place that seems like a Mignola invention: The Skeleton Lake of Roopkund.

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