January 2012 Music

Adrian Younge - 1969 Organ // Turn Down the Sound
An older and newer song by the man behind the score of Black Dynamite.

Beach Boys - Our Prayer [Dialog]
Recording of Brian Wilson teaching the other Beach Boys how his new "rock church music" is to be sung.

Chuck Inglish - Together
From one half of the Cool Kids' new beat tape.

The Four Mints - Endlessly

Ike Turner - She Made My Blood Run Cold

Jefferson Handkerchief - I'm Allergic to Flowers

Louis Prima - Fever // Civilization (Bongo, Bongo, Bongo)

Quantic & Alice Russell featuring the Combo Bárbaro Band - Look Around The Corner

Soki Ohale's Uzzi - Bisi's Beat

Terry Randall - S.O.S. [Save Our Strip]


Did you know the then Cassius Clay put out a 45 in 1964?

I Am The Greatest

Stand By Me

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