May 2012 Music

Barbara Mason - Girls Have Feelings Too // Hello Baby

Billy Preston - Volcano

Boots Sex Dread - Rinka
Oh how I wish this anonymously released reggae record about the pleasures of gay sex was real and not a prank by British comedian Keith Allen!

Harry Mudie - Heavy Duty Dub

Isley Brothers - Who's That Lady (Early Version)

Michael Washington - Cupids Corner

Nicolai Gromin - Corrida

Pedro Iturralde - Las Morillas de Jaen


A scene from Richard Pryor's brief variety show in which his heavy metal band kills the entire audience over the course of one song:

This winning entry for a recent Ableton contest looks like the game Simon but for aliens:

WFMU's two hour MCA tribute was the best I heard:

Some pre-Illmatic teenage Nas demos:

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Anonymous said...

um.... that ableton video is from an actual alien right?