June & July Music

Stevie roller skating
Billy Nicholls - Would You Believe?
Andrew Loog Oldham commissioned this album to be the British response to Pet Sounds. Only 100 copies hit the streets before label difficulties mothballed it.

Body Language - Falling Out

The Brothers Johnson - I'll Be Good To You // Land of Ladies

Clydie King & Brown Sugar - Dance to the Music

Doris - You Never Come Closer

Henry Lee Roberts - Halley's Comet (Dissolved)

The Jackson 5 - I Am Love

Larry Young - Turn Off the Lights

The Lat-Teens - African Twist // Now You Know

Quartetto Cetra - Crapa Pelada

Scott H. Biram - I See the Light/What's His Name?

The Makers - Don't Challenge Me

Todd Terje - Inspector Norse


This Boosh-y video:

Inside Led Zeppelin's private jet, 1973.

Cee Lo on American Dad:

Mr. Show's never released Rooms: The Musical:

A prequel mixtape to the forever delayed MF Doom / Ghostface Killah collaboration DOOMSTARKS.

This chopped and screwed midnight music video uses clips from Black Dynamite, Night on Earth, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Smiley Face, Death Wish, V, Dazed and Confused, Howard the Duck, Cruising, Danger: Diabolik, The Girlfriend Experience, Holy Mountain and 50 more I can't identify:

And lastly, Let My People Come: A Sexual Musical.

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