MoMA Highlights 12/1/12

Atsuko Tanaka
Drawing after Electric Dress
Crayon on paper

This inspired me to cover a whole wall of our apartment with red crayon.

City 47 Project
Cut and pasted silver gelatin photographs with graphite mounted on board

Diller + Scofidio
Blur Building, Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland

Katsuhiko Narita

Kitadai Shozo
Mobile (Mobiru) Wood and Japanese paper
The First City from Twelve Ideal Cities

Twelve Ideal Cities is a wry comment on twentieth-century modernist utopias and it represents, the architects have written, "the supreme achievement of twenty thousand years of civilization." In The First City, or 2,000-Ton City, cubic cells stacked atop one another form a continuous building that stretches across a green, undulating landscape. Each cell is equipped with technology capable of accommodating all human desires and physiological needs. In this city, humans are in a state of equality and death no longer exists, but if an inhabitant tries to rebel against this ideal state, the ceiling of his or her cell will descend with a two-thousand-ton force obliterating the dissenter and making way for a new perfect citizen, This dystopian scenario originated in a critique of modern ideals of planning, rationalization, and consumerism; it uses architecture as a device that, like literature, can express political viewpoints about society.

Bernard Tschumi
The Manhattan Transcripts Project, New York, New York
Introductory panel to Episode 3: The Tower (The Fall)

Photographic reproduction with colored synthetic laminate

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