May 2013

Al Green - Beware (Extended Version)
An unreleased, 15 minute jam of Al Green in his prime? Yes please! (Please note this will be the only time I ever refer to a jam as a positive).

Ballin' Jack - Found A Child
I picked up this album because it has the Beastie Boys' "never let 'em say that I don't love you" sample on it and was delighted to come across the Bust A Move sample too! In retrospect not surprising since Paul's Boutique contributor Matt Dike also worked with Young MC.

Broadcast - The Sacred Marriage
From the horror movie soundtrack they were working on when singer Trish Keenan took ill and died. The whole album is a wonderful Zombi-esque work.

Curtis Mayfield - Power to the People

Dorothy Ashby - Taboo // Autumn in Rome

Lee Moses - What You Don't Want Me to Be // Free at Last

Marconi Notaro - Symphony em Ré

Nina Simone - Come On Back, Jack

Rogério Duprat - Flying // Baby
The man behind the orchestrations for Os Mutantes, Caetano Veloso, Tom Zé and Gilberto Gil. The "George Martin" of Tropicalia" and the "Brian Wilson of Brazil."

Shuggie Otis - Special

The Undisputed Truth - Ball of Confusion

The Weeknd - Kiss Land


The infamous Jimmy Page score for Kenneth Anger's Lucifer Rising.

Jay-Z, Harlem, 1939.

This mix by Kaytranada.

Oh David!

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