October 2013

Billy Young - Suffering With A Hangover

Darrow Fletcher - My Judgment Day

The Deceptions - Of All the Hearts

The Dub Syndicate - Hi-Fi Gets a Pounding Pts. 1 & 2

Freedom Express - Get Down

The Inner Drive - Party Man

James K-Nine - Live It Up

Johnnie Taylor - I'm Trying // Poor Make Believer

King Tutt - You've Got Me Hung Up

Koushik - Be With

Lee Austin - Screwdriver

Little Janice - Since You've Been Gone

Luther Davis - You Can Be A Star

The New Birth - Oh, Baby, I Love the Way

Orchestra Harlow - Freak Off

Os Mutantes - Balada do Louco

The Poppy Family - There's No Blood in the Bone // You Took My Moonlight Away // Shadows on My Wall // Where Evil Grows

Sun Araw - Deep Cover

Swizzymack - Drip


Flying Lotus's FlyLoFM radio station for GTAV

Ego Trip: Have you ever thought about collaborating with more hip-hop artists outside the Beasties?  Ad Rock: Yeah, we’ve toured and been friends with rap groups and we’ve always been like, “Yeah, let’s do this or that together.” I wanted to start a group in ’92 with me, Q-Tip, B-Real and Busy Bee and call it the “Nasal Tongues.” I thought it was funny. I mentioned it to Busy Bee, but I don’t think he remembered me. But the other guys were into it.

Poor Bessie!


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