Post-Apocalyptic Screen Grabs #3
I Am Legend
Cause: Engineered Virus/Vampires

I'm really not trying to brag but I've now read Richard Matheson's short story (novella?) I Am Legend, and watched every movie adaptation of it to date: The Last Man On Earth/Vincent Price/1964, The Omega Man/Charleston Heston/1971 and now I am Legend/Will Smith/2007. If I had to pick a favorite it would be the newest version but then again (not to be a dick) the book was much more intense than any of the movies. Having had periods in my life when I spent too much time alone and started to lose it, Matheson's depiction of how a person's mind would collapse from being utterly alone in the world seemed all too real. Being hunted by the living dead every night doesn't help the situation. That being said, here are too many screen grabs of I Am Legend. Enjoy:

Click the images for my full size versions or just go to the official website for more. Please look at the street view links, too. I just wasted way too much of my life making them...

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