Kids Cook/Befriend/Torture the Strangest Cookies/Vampires/Zombies

I made the mistake of passing this video on to Alex before posting it here and got stabbed in the fucking back when he posted it first. Lesson learned. Anyway, here is the cutest thing since the Amelie girl:

He has two previous episodes as well but this one is his best and in addition is his first original recipe.

Proof that not all kids are adorable, I also just returned from Let the Right One In which was as good as HBO's True Blood is bad. The trailer of course doesn't really do it justice:

(I also think it kindofsortof resembles the plot of my previously posted children's book.)

Lastly, Neil passed this great short film along to me about a bunch of sadistic teenage boys in a post-apocalyptic Australia (why is Australia (and sometimes New Zealand) so prone to apocalypse? Zombie Movie / The Quiet Earth / Mad Max / On the Beach to name a few). Here it is, if you're my mum don't watch it:

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Alex said...

the lesson, as always, is post first then email all your stupid friends.