Make-A-Wish Foundation

Help my brother win a 6 month residency (and $100,000) in and around Australia's great barrier reef! This is the leg up he needs to hasten his transition to a full-time nature show host! Go watch his video then give him the five stars he so clearly deserves! Then go watch the videos of his competition and rate them one star for being such utter crap! Then go check out the crazy fish video he just posted on his blog! Crazy, right?! So many exclamation points!!!

NOTE: He's wearing the bikini to make a mockery of more than a few female applicants whose entire application videos seem to consist of little more than them running/jumping/swimming around in their skivvies.

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patrick hilton said...

Bow tie: $1.50. Jacket: $4. Pipe: $16. Bubble solution: $2.99. And that was for 1 second of film. I have to win, just to recoup my production costs, otherwise I'll be a box office bust!