Paul's Boutique Reissued

My favorite album ever made (and sole focus of an imminent tome I've been working on for years) is being remastered and reissued February 10th for it's 20th anniversary (even though it was released in July of '89). I got all excited to buy the VIP package but it turns out they're asking $130 for the CD, the vinyl, an uninspired t-shirt and an 8-foot long poster that is just the vinyl gatefold you already have all over again. I'm a little disappointed, especially since there were rumors of previously unreleased tracks that I can't confirm on their new Boutiue page or anywhere else. The good news is that if you give them your e-mail address they'll let you download an MP3 of them (kind of) discussing the album in one long commentary track for free. Or you can listen to it here:

The Paul's Boutique Commentary Track
[right-click to download all 49 Mb of inside jokes]

Nobody cares about this but me but I care about it so much it makes up the difference...

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noga said...

i probably couldn't even begin to grasp your love for this album, but if its any comfort i like it a whole bunch and spent a good part of my teens listening to it obsessively! (what? they're jewish. you call this a bagel?!)