Cereal of the Gods

I hate breakfast. Anything other than coffee in my stomach before 11 AM fills me with loathing. If ever there was a breakfast food that could have changed my mind, I just learned that it was in the works but never made:

Paul Reubens: The cereal was going to be Pee-wee Chow. I had Ralston Purina give me permission to let the checkerboard be on human food. It was going to be called Pee-wee Chow, just like Dog Chow, and had the checkerboard on it. The commercial was going to be a mom pouring a bowl of it and putting it on the floor and kids crawling up like dogs and eating it on all fours.

Gary Panter: That could have changed history.

PR: I thought that was going to be so great. And the cereal was really delicious, I thought. It tasted just like Trix. It was sweetened with fruit juice, no added sugar, had all these vitamins and minerals and was really good for you. Everything was going fantastic until, right at the last minute, they had to do a blind taste test with kids, and kids hated it.

GP: Stupid jerks!
[from a new interview in Swindle magazine]

Alas, Pee-wee chow now enters the hallowed, never-realized cereal Valhalla along with Little Chocolate Donuts.

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