Never Better

I thought I was just normal sick and was going to tough it out but when a mound started protruding from my belly Rae made me go to the hospital. I went, begrudgingly, planning on being told I just needed some tylenol but ended up staying for two nights for a necrotic (my favorite new word), gangrenous, about-to-rupture appendix that even the surgeon was grossed out by. Seven days of pain pills and netflix-on-demand later and I'm almost all better. My enforced bed rest could have been made significantly more fun if Gaby had e-mailed this to me sooner:


Anonymous said...

...of course you know that necrosis can also happen through infarction, another great word!

Jeremy said...

boy do i feel like an ass for only just finding out that you were in the hospital.

sorry. we are glad you are still alive.