Yet again I'm just blatantly ripping off boingboing and once more it's in the same vein of premakes/remakes/preminiscent versions of current popular culture. First, a 60s-fied version of Lost:

Second, a show similar to Lost from the 60s:

For no real reason the second one reminded me of a secret town the USSR built in Siberia only reachable by train where they deposited all their brightest young creative talents. Completely cut off from the rest of the world they had their own folk music revival at the same time as the one in the United States, adding credibility to the theory that many sociopolitical movements aren't spearheaded by a few individuals or institutions but primed to happen in a (worldwide) culture. I can't remember or find the name of this town so you'll just have to trust me.

Many people whose opinion I respect and value love the 60s TV show The Prisoner and consider it to be Lost's true predecessor. I can only just barely see the resemblance. You can watch them all here but I suggest watching the first one in it's entirety to get a feel for it's campy appeal and then save yourself most of a day and watch's Prisoner-In-A-Minute distillations (same page but separate tab).

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